This is a short crash course in motor vehicle driving taking place in the city of Norwich, England. Most intensive driving courses in Norwich are undertaken in under two weeks. Most companies offering the intensive course offer a test car free of charge for practice and the first driving test. The course is divided into two categories; theory and practical tests. One does not need to be a complete amateur to undertake the course. Drivers at all levels can undertake the course. A student in most cases has to pay a required fee upfront before any training starts. Upon completion of payment, the lessons begin.

Theoretical lessons come first. After passing all theory tests a driver will go on to take one last definitive practical driving test to guarantee his or her license. Most places that offer this course aim to ensure a student passes the final practical driving test in as little time as possible whilst maintaining very high driving quality standards. If a student should fail the first driving test, he or she will pay for the use of the car the second time around. The student can take an even shorter one day course and retest the day after the failed final driving test. The intensive driving course serves a variety of customers. An individual who quickly needs to learn how to drive in the country for a new job could undertake this course. Also people with tight schedules such as students with very short school holidays can take the course in the little time afforded to them.

A foreigner on holiday in the UK could take the course to be able to drive himself. The department of transport in the UK requires a successful test driver trying to acquire a license should have driven for a certain number of hours. The intensive driving course allows a student to log in the required amount of driving time within a shorter time period for whatever reason the student may have. This course is designed to take advantage of the mind’s ability to concentrate. One is more likely to clearly remember something done more intensively over a short period of time than one done sparingly stretched over a long time period.

Another advantage of this intensive driving course in Norwich is that a student gets more one on one time with a qualified instructor. This helps in students getting personalized service and training in which there is instant feedback in case of any difficulty hence faster learning.